Torquay's community led plan for the next 20 years

The community’s opportunity to shape the future of Torquay

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What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

Our Plan forms part of the statutory development plan for Torbay and provides a community inspired plan for the future of Torquay; by our community for our community.

Our ambition is to see Torquay as the best place to live in the West Country – a vibrant and well balanced economic area, with sufficient well paid jobs and homes that are suitable and affordable for all with a revitalised central area offering quality retail, leisure, homes and office space.

The Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Forum is a community group made up of the Community Partnerships and stakeholders in Torquay who have been working over the last few years to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of Torquay; anyone who lives or works in Torquay have been welcomed to be a member of the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Forum.

The concept of Neighbourhood Plans was introduced in England by the Localism Act, 2011. Their purpose is to give local communities the power to truly shape development at a local level. This Plan has been prepared through an extensive programme of consultation with local residents, businesses, Community Partnerships, our Council and other interested parties.

Our Plan sits beside the proposed Plans for Paignton and Brixham that together will shape the whole of Torbay and give detail to the strategic policies contained within the adopted Torbay Local Plan and complies with National Planning Policies. It will help shape development in Torquay over the period to 2030 and lay the foundations for a successful future; it articulates how our communities wish to see their neighbourhoods change and where development should take place.

Our Plan is a statutory ‘Development Plan’ and provides a statement from the community about how development will be managed positively for growth while maintaining and enhancing the area’s distinctive character and landscape. It also ensures the community truly benefits from the right development, both homes and businesses, in the right places. It also grants our most precious greenspaces with a special level of protection as ‘Local Green Spaces’.

Our Plan has positively supported the ‘ambitious’ jobs growth predictions contained within the Local Plan and it is also accompanied by a full sustainability appraisal that concludes it is in compliance with the provision of sustainable development. The Neighbourhood Plan supports sustainable housing

Dr Rodney Horder
Chair, Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Forum

The Neighbourhood Plan includes:

  • Protection for 99 local green spaces from development
  • Tough environmental policies
  • New housing and jobs sites to meet economic growth
  • Development that is sympathetic to its surroundings
  • Prioritising brownfield development over green fields
  • Major new housing developments must have primary school places
  • Help deliver more affordable homes
  • Better located homes for later life
  • Stricter parking policies for new homes to help stop anti-social parking
  • Restrictions on houses of multiple occupation
  • Special protection for Maidencombe and Cockington
  • Clear policies helping change of use for tourism accommodation

Torquay Neighbourhood Forum has been recognised by the Department for Communities and Local Government for its groundbreaking work. It has been supported by a grant from Torbay Council and the Community Development Foundation to help with producing the Neighbourhood Plan.